As an independent, non-partisan policy catalyst, CAPI brings insight, evidence and balance to emerging issues.
We provide a neutral place to hold dialogues and generate perspectives among leaders across the food system.

Participants in the "Adapting Agriculture to a Changing Prairie Climate" symposium

Greg Archibald Schweitzer-Mauduit Canada Inc
Ray Armbruster Manitoba Cattle Producers
Guy Ash Canadian Wheat Board
Gordon Bacon Pulse Canada
Murray Ballance University of Manitoba
Carl Bangert Producer
Earl Bargen Canterra Seeds Ltd.
Ted Bilyea Ted Bilyea & Associates
Danny Blair University of Winnipeg
Erin Brock Canola Council of Canada
Travis Brooks Dow AgroSciences
Mary Buhr University of Saskatchewan
Paul Bullock University of Manitoba
Peter Burnett Canadian Grain Commission
Terry Buss Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
Delon Chan Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Doug Chorney Keystone Agricultural Producers
Nazim Cicek University of Manitoba
David Clay South Dakota State University
George Clayton Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Van Coulter Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
Lindsay Coulthard Manitoba Zero Tillage Research Assoc.
John Culley Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Shelley Cure MB Rural Adaptation Council
Heidi Dancho Synthesis Agri-Food Network
Michael Dark University of Alberta
Allan Dawson Manitoba Cooperator
Wayne Digby Manitoba Forage Council
Daryl Domitruk Agriculture, Food & Rural Initiatives
Colin Dorrian Dow AgroSciences
Chokri Dridi University of Alberta
Joe Dunn National Center for Agriculture & Food Policy
Ted Eastley MB Rural Adaptation Council
Art Enns Producer
Kelley Fitzpatrick Flax Council of Canada
Art Froehlich Agriview
Keith Gardner Gardner Farm
Greg Graham Schweitzer-Mauduit Canada Inc
Mike Grenier Canadian Wheat Board
Robert Gulden University of Manitoba
Barry Hall Flax Council of Canada
Edgar Hammermeister Producer
David Hansen Canterra Seeds Ltd.
Irene Hanuta AAFC-AESB
Michelle Harland AESB-AAFC
Lorne Hepworth CropLife Canada
Joe Hogue Schweitzer-Mauduit Canada Inc
Tamara Horichko Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Yafan Huang Performance Plants
Nat Kav University of Alberta
John Kennelly University of Alberta
Eric Klassen Johnson Seeds
Les Kletke Agri-Post
Denis Krause University of Manitoba
Cornelia Kreplin Bio Solutions Corporation
Gord Kurbis Pulse Canada
Guy Lafond Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Arlen Leholm NCRA
Gary Lemme South Dakota State University
Brian Lemon Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Gaëtan Lussier Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute
Denis Magotiaux Schweitzer-Mauduit Canada Inc
Denise Maurice Canola Council of Canada
Bruce Mazinkie Producer
Ray Mazinkie Producer
Owen McAuley Double M
David McInnes Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute
Stuart McMillan Canadian Wheat Board
Jamshed Merchant Agriculture Canada
John Messer CAPI Advisory Committee
Leo Meyer Leo Meyer Grain Production
Jim Miller Producer
Michelle Miller Dow AgroSciences
Manasah Mkhabela University of Manitoba
Stephen Morgan Jones Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Andy Nadler Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
Herb Nelson Schweitzer-Mauduit Canada Inc
Jean Nolet Eco Ressources Consultants
John Oliver Maple Leaf Bio-Concepts
Kim Ominski University of Manitoba
Allan Preston Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Iniatives
Al Raine Richardson International Limited
Les Rankin Flax Canada
Christine Rawluk University of Manitoba
Margaret Rempel CAPI Board of Directors
Rob Rennie Spur Ventures
Roxanne Roels Manitoba Pulse Growers Association
David Rourke Ag-Quest Inc.
Barry Routledge Manitoba Rural Adaption Council
Dave Rudolph University of Waterloo
David Runnalls International Institute for Sustainable Development
Ramon Sales Province of Manitoba
Esther Salvano Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
Loni Scott Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
Terrie Scott AESB-AAFC
Randall Shymko Province of Manitoba
David Skole Michigan State
Jason Splett Dow AgroSciences
Robert Stevenson Robert H Stevenson Ltd.
Valerie Stuart AESB-AAFC
Brent Swallow University of Alberta
Tony Szumigalski Manitoba Agriculture, Food Policy Institute
Mike Teillet Manitoba Pork
Mary Thompson Farm Foundation
Corey Thorsteinson Dow AgroSciences
Jim Tokarchuk Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Herman Van Den Ham Producer
Henry Venema IISD
Dave Voss CIBUS
Matthew Wiens Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
Colleen Willson Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
Ian Wishart Keystone Agricultural Producers
Karin Wittenberg University of Manitoba
Daniel Yeon Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute
Qiang Zhang University of Manitoba

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The State of Canada's Processed Food Sector:
Trade Balance
Report prepared by Douglas Hedley, PhD, and CAPI
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Canada's Beef Food System:
A Roadmap for Dialogue on Strategy
A CAPI report
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Canada's Agri-Food Destination:
A CAPI report
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Canada's Agri-Food Destination:
A New Strategic Approach
A CAPI report
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Building Convergence:
Toward an Integrated Health and Agri-Food Strategy for Canada
Prepared for CAPI by The McGill World Platform for Health and Economic Convergence, authored by Dr. Laurette Dubé, Paul Thomassin and Janet Beauvais.
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Adapting Agriculture to Climate Variability:
Executive Summary
A conference summary prepared by Gary Lemme, David McInnes, and Tony Szumigalski
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Advancing a Policy Dialogue:
Series I: Understanding the Structure of Canadian Farm Incomes
Prepared by the George Morris Centre for CAPI
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Leaders Summit on Food for a Healthy and Prosperous Future (2010)
Prepared by CAPI
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