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Presentations to the "Adapting Agriculture to a Changing Prairie Climate" symposium

  • The Case for Agricultural Adaptation to Rapid Climate Change on the Northern Plains: The Transformation is Underway
    Danny Blair, University of Winnipeg (PPT / PDF)
  • Climate Change Challenge And Opportunity
    David Skole, Michigan State University (PPT / PDF)
  • The Case for Agricultural Adaptation to Rapid Climate Change on the Northern Plains: Potential Impacts on Agricultural Productivity
    Paul Bullock, University of Manitoba (PPT / PDF)
  • Food and Climate Variability: Past, Present, and Future
    David Clay, Gregg Carlson, Sharon Clay (PPT / PDF)
  • Growing Opportunities
    Daryl Domitruk, Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (PPT / PDF)
  • US Climate Change and Renewable Energy Policies: An "Inside The Beltway" View
    Joseph A. Dunn, National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy (PPT / PDF)
  • Adapting Agriculture to a Changing Prairie Climate
    Edgar Hammermeister (PPT / PDF)
  • Best Practices on the Prairies: Adaptations for a changing climate
    Guy P. Lafond, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (PPT / PDF)
  • Adapting or Reacting
    Barry Routledge (PPT / PDF)
  • Adapting Agriculture To A Changing Climate
    Leo Meyer (PPT / PDF)
  • Farmer Response
    David Rourke (PPT / PDF)
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The State of Canada's Processed Food Sector:
Trade Balance
Report prepared by Douglas Hedley, PhD, and CAPI
+ Download PDF
Canada's Beef Food System:
A Roadmap for Dialogue on Strategy
A CAPI report
+ Download PDF
Canada's Agri-Food Destination:
A CAPI report
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+ Web material
Canada's Agri-Food Destination:
A New Strategic Approach
A CAPI report
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+ Web material
Building Convergence:
Toward an Integrated Health and Agri-Food Strategy for Canada
Prepared for CAPI by The McGill World Platform for Health and Economic Convergence, authored by Dr. Laurette Dubé, Paul Thomassin and Janet Beauvais.
+ Download PDF
Adapting Agriculture to Climate Variability:
Executive Summary
A conference summary prepared by Gary Lemme, David McInnes, and Tony Szumigalski
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Advancing a Policy Dialogue:
Series I: Understanding the Structure of Canadian Farm Incomes
Prepared by the George Morris Centre for CAPI
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Leaders Summit on Food for a Healthy and Prosperous Future (2010)
Prepared by CAPI
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